Natural Hair Products You Have to Try!

My hair has gone through many changes over the years. I’ve had blonde hair, red hair, short then long hair— I’ve rocked braids and dreads! I’ve done it all! Over this natural hair journey I have tried many styles but the products that I put in my hair is what keeps is healthy! I thoughtContinue reading “Natural Hair Products You Have to Try!”

The BEST Garlic Potato Wedges

Recently I made some yummy potato wedges! You know it’s good when your husband compliments you on them multiple times! The recipe is sooo simple and they don’t take long to make. Ingredients: Salt , Pepper, Ground Basil, Paprika and Garlic Powder What you’ll need: Large bowl Cutting knife Sheet Pan or oven-safe skillet CookingContinue reading “The BEST Garlic Potato Wedges”

6 Things to Look for When Booking Your Airbnb

Nowadays there are so many options for booking a place to stay when you’re going out of town. My favorite by far is Airbnb! Check out some of my tips for some things you should look for when you’re booking your next Airbnb. Check Out the Reviews. I’ve noticed the main thing that people commentContinue reading “6 Things to Look for When Booking Your Airbnb”