Qurantine Self Care Guide

By now we are all saying “when the pandemic is over I’m going to…”. You name it! But the pandemic feels like it is seriously lasting forever. Although the world around us may be going crazy, you still need to care for yourself! Yes I’m talking to you! And guess what… you don’t need to break the bank to do it! There are countless ways to practice self care without spending tons of money. Yes, going to spas and getting your nails done or a nice massage are all nice things; but understandably, in the middle of a pandemic there needs to be some options that don’t require you coming in close contact with others. This is where the Quarantine Self Care Guide comes in handy! So that you don’t have to do the research yourself, I have come up several ways for you to practice self-care from your home! I know that times are still tough, but you have to show yourself some love. Try out a few of the things listed below and I guarantee that they will give you a little boost of happiness!

Start / Rekindle A Hobby

I am sure that many of us have a hobby that we have always wanted to try, but never gotten into. Or you may have once been interested in something but gave it up. Either way, focusing your energy on a hobby is a good way to productively pass time! I’m sure some of you have instruments that you haven’t played in a while that you can pull back out to practice. I have picked up the hobby of drawing and painting! When I was younger I would constantly fill up sketchbooks from drawings but for some reason I just stopped practicing. Recently I got myself more art supplies and have kept myself very busy with it. I forgot how much fun it was to just draw or paint and just put all my attention on doing that one thing that brought me joy. It is seriously something that I look forward to every day now! So, figure out what it is that you are interested in and try it out!

Here’s a short list of a few things you might want to try…

Cooking/ Baking

Art (Drawing, Painting, Photography, Collaging)


DIY crafts



Create a Clean and Decluttered Environment

I am sure by now you have come across one of those videos of someone renovating their home during quarantine. I haven’t done any renovations but I have started to organize and get rid of things in my home that I do not truly need. Why is everyone in such a frenzy about changing things around their home?! Well, I’m glad you asked! Since everyone is having to spend so much time at home because of the pandemic, many people have been cleaning and redecorating to keep themselves sane… literally. Having a messy, clustered space can actually impact your mental health! Have you ever watched the show “Hoarders”? I love seeing the look on the people’s faces when their home goes from being a literal health hazard, to a simple, clean space for them to comfortably live in. Many of the people have tears running down their face when they see that their home has been restored to an organized state. This show is proof that clutter can really hurt your well-being. With most people having to spend almost all their time at home, it helps to have an environment that brings you peace. I don’t know about you but clutter definitely stresses me out! Start doing something simple by going through clothes you no longer wear or want. After you tackle clothing, move on to doing shoes, dishes, tools, towels, etc. You will be surprised how much stuff you have that you never use! Make your home a place where you can relax, not a place that brings you more stress or anxiety.

Prioritize Good Hygiene and Self-Pampering

It may sound like this is a no-brainer, but I am sure someone may need to hear this. You still need to shower while you are home! Aside from personal hygiene, showering can give you a boost mentally. Recently I was messaging a friend about how when my son was a newborn I would cherish each time I could just go take a shower. I was mentally and physically exhausted and something as simple as showering made me feel so much better. Good hygiene is something that can be neglected when you feel that you have nowhere to go or no one to see. Don’t let this pandemic allow you to neglect your love for yourself.  Another thing that always made me feel refreshed was getting nails done  or getting my hair done. I have not gone to a salon to get my hair done since covid, but I have enjoyed experimenting with hairstyles that I have seen someone do on Youtube. These are things you can do at home too! Maybe you loved getting massages before covid. Well, order yourself a massage gun online and get to it! Pampering yourself can come in many forms. Just find what works for you and stick to it! Again, don’t neglect yourself!

Exercise/ Stretch Regularly

I am not not here to tell you exactly how often you need to exercise; but I can tell you that exercising is another thing that contributes to self-care. Maybe you aren’t a person who would like to go running or lift weights — that is totally fine! There are other ways to work your muscles and get your heart rate up! Try doing light stretches or yoga. Do you like skateboarding? What about boxing or jumping rope? Hint: Those are all exercises! There are SO many ways for you to get active. One of my goals for this year was to be more active and I have found that working out has improved my overall happiness. Something about growing stronger just excites me. I made it a goal to go to the gym at least three times a week this year. I’m going to be honest, some weeks I only got to go once or twice because of my schedule; but just because I missed a day doesn’t mean I failed. I just picked up where I left off. I wish I could explain to you how great I feel to be active again after barely exercising for the entire year in 2020. So, take my word for it, your body (and mind) will thank you if you get active! 

Stay Connected to Others

Relationships are what make us thrive. I am a very introverted person, but every now and then I still crave to be in a social setting. As humans we need social interaction to keep us sane. It can be the smallest bit of social interaction like speaking to a barista at your favorite coffee shop or watching a movie with a friend— no matter how being “social” looks to you, covid has changed that. You may not be able to gather with all of your friends anymore or go see all of your family members but you can still stay connected. During these times so many people are becoming depressed because of isolation. Depression and anxiety loves for you to feel alone. You are not alone! Call, text or Facetime a friend. Or maybe you are doing ok, but you can think of a friend that you maybe needs to be reached out to. Do it! Call! Send them a goodie basket with their favorite snacks. Share your honest emotions and unveil your true self to someone. In case you are like me and think “well I don’t want to bother anyone”, believe me, you won’t. They would love to hear from you. 


I can honestly say that I am awful at resting. Every time I have a chance to relax I come up with something else that I can be doing. I’m always in a hustle mentality, but being hardworking can be just as important as resting. It’s good to take time each week to unplug from social media, unplug from the news and just rest. God created the earth and on the last day He rested. If God needs rest then so do you! Maybe it will help you if you schedule your rest times. I’m still working on implementing this in my schedule, but I try to have a set time every day when I completely stop working or doing school work. Even if I’m in the middle of typing an email– if it can wait, then I’ll work on it the next day. Society has gotten into an unhealthy habit of working yourself to death. What’s so fun about that? Having a great work ethic is amazing; but we need balance. So get in your proper amount of rest and I promise you will feel more motivated after you do.

I hope this Self Care Guide is beneficial to one of you out there. Nothing on here is a brand new concept. It’s just a simple post to remind you to love yourself. The circumstances you are in now may be hard, but I hope this brings some joy to your life.

Download the link below to always have access to my self care guide checklist! Love you guys and thanks for reading. As always, be a good human!

Click Here to Download My Quick Guide to Quarantine Self Care

2 thoughts on “Qurantine Self Care Guide

  1. Love your courageous styles and efforts to help the world Maddie Blake.


    1. Thank you 🙂


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