The Best Restaurants in Birmingham, AL 2020

One thing that I like about Birmingham is that there are so many great restaurants in this city! The choices are endless no matter the cuisine you are looking for. Here are a few of my favorite spots to eat at and would be great for a date night!

I have also listed price range from least to most expensive, respectively. ($-$$$$)

  1. Bellini’s Restorante & Bar

This restaurant has a great menu variety. It is definitely an Italian-themed restaurant but there are great options other than pasta! The drink menu is also fantastic. They have all the wines you could imagine at a reasonable price! The crème brulée was AMAZING and I wish I could have them just make that for me every single night!

Price Range ($$-$$$)

2. Fancy’s on 5th

My husband and I love to eat at Fancy’s! It is a more upbeat paced restaurant that fits perfectly into the “downtown” scene. They had a live band when we visited and it was quite the crowd pleaser! We get the Fish & Chips and it is sooo good! You can’t go wrong with anything on their menu.

Price Range Price ($-$$)

3. Saw’s BBQ

Saw’s has four different locations but each one will be a great experience — I’m sure of it! If you like southern meals then this is definitely your place to go. My favorite location is the one on Crestline. I usually order the Catfish Sandwich with sweet potato fries and one of the local beers they serve. If you have room for dessert then you also have to get the banana pudding! My mouth is watering to just think about it. It’s SO GOOD.

Price ($-$$)

4. East West

I tried East West for the first time during this pandemic and I am extremely happy that I did. I was able to get a curbside pickup earlier where they brought my food out to the car and the lady bringing my food was so sweet! Aside from the great customer service the food was amazing as well. The Tempura Fried Shrimp was delicious. The sauce they added on top tied the whole rice bowl together. I have not tried any of the cocktails yet, but from looking at their menu I definitely need to next time!

Price ($-$$)

5. Saigon Noodle House

I love to eat phở! This restaurant makes it so well and it’s very inexpensive to get it. I couldn’t pick just one thing to recommend because I’ve tried many things and all of it was yummy! If you’ve never tried it, I recommend getting the iced milk tea with tapioca once you have finished your meal.

Price ($-$$)

6. Silver Coin Indian Grill

Indian food is my absolute favorite cuisine! I could eat from Silver Coin every single day. If you have never tried Indian food then this is the perfect place to start! My go-to meal is chicken curry with vegetable samosas and garlic naan. For dessert I always order kheer (rice pudding). If you have not tried that before, then definitely order it!

Price ($-$$)

If you visit one these places be sure to take a picture and tag me in it!

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