Saturday Deals – Oct 31, 2020

So I thought I’d start a “Saturday Deals” section of my blog where every Saturday I post deals that I see online from stores that I love to shop at. I hope you enjoy! If there are any specific stores that you want me to keep an eye out for then let me know!

Target has some great deals going on! If you’re already starting to look for Christmas gifts like I am then definitely keep reading!

A lot of stores have big seasonal sales and the pre- Black Friday sale is beginning! I’ll try to keep you in the loop on items that are going on sale.

Bose Speaker

Bose has good quality speakers but they can be a little pricey. Seeing this speaker for under $100 is shocking! If you or someone you know is looking for these then run!! Get it before it sells out. I know they’re out of stock at my local Target but you can always have it shipped to you! This deal ends TODAY so act quickly!

Bose Soundlink Wireless Speaker

Samsung Tablet

The Samsung Galaxy Tablet is another great deal that’s going on! $100 off the original price. Target has review rated 4.5/ 5 stars for this one so it’s definitely good!

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

Michael Kors Pull Chain Belt Bag

This Michael Kors bag is so cute! I found this at Nordstrom Rack. If you have not shopped from there before then you are missing out! Where else can you find a Mihcael Kors bag UNDER $30?! They have all big brands that you love at a discounted rate! Sales speak to my heart. Can you tell yet? Lol.

Michael Kors Pull Chain Belt Bag


If I could buy all the Puma shoes there are I definitely would! Haha. Every Puma shoe I have owned has been so comfy and durable. If you don’t own a pair I would recommend buying a pair at some point. Aside from being stylish, they are shoes that will last a while for you.

These are the shoes that I have! I don’t think these exact ones on sale, but don’t worry– Puma has lots of shoes on sale right now that are just as cute! So go ahead and click here to shop the Puma sale.

J. Crew

I know J. Crew has some expensive pieces, but the products are good quality. If you are looking for a good investment piece of clothing then I reccomend getting a J.Crew jacket. They are made from sturdy, comfortable material and the style is very classy.

Right now you can order fall layers from J. Crew and receive 40% off when using code LAYERUP.

Aside from fall pieces, J. Crew still has some super cute out of season pieces that are on sale. Below are a few of my favorites!

Here is the link to the All-season sale for J. Crew!

Lace-up Dress

This dress is simple and elegant! I love the lace-up because it gives a little bit of a sexy look! 😉

Crystal Ring Set

Tie-neck Tiered Dress

What Do You Want To See?

Let me know your favorite stores or favorite items to shop for and I will keep an eye out for them and include them on my next ” Saturday Deals” post!

Don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest and Instagram to see more throughout the week!

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