Lazy Cleaning 101

If I could I would crown myself the QUEEN of lazy cleaning. I want a clean house as quick and easy as possible. I’m working throughout the week and I have schoolwork to do plus take care of a wild toddler— ain’t nobody got time to clean up lol. I definitely can’t stand to have a messy house though, so I’ve come across some great cleaning products that make cleaning my house a breeze.


If you have never used Kaboom then you are missing out! This takes all the elbow grease out of cleaning your bathroom. You can literally spray down your shower with this, walk away for a couple minutes, then come back and wipe down the shower and rinse it and BOOM. CLEAN. We ONLY use Kaboom to clean our showers because it is that good. It looks like you scrubbed so hard to get everything sparkly clean but literally takes 5 minutes!

Clean your windows/mirrors often.

Seeing smudges and stains on mirrors and windows can cause a space to look a lot dirtier than it actually is. Grabbing some Windex and cleaning down these surfaces only takes a couple minutes but can make such a huge difference! I don’t know about you but I always feel like my bathroom is so gross when my mirror has stuff all over it. Wiping down glass surfaces just once a week is a good way to keep things looking nice and tidy.

Sorry, you have to sweep.

I sweep every day. Yep, every single day. I HATE when there are crumbs on the floor and if something sticks to my foot when I’m barefoot. It makes me cringe and feel nauseous lol. I also have a toddler who is constantly throwing his snacks into the floor and frankly if I don’t sweep I’ll have little critters coming in from outside trying to eat the crumbs off my floor. Get yourself one of those floor dusters to make it easier on yourself. They pick up so much dirt and crumbs at once and to me it’s just quicker than sweeping the normal way. I only grab the broom and dustpan when I’m about to mop. Which I recommend mopping your floor once a week. You don’t have to do a hard scrub, but at least go over the entire floor to make sure that your floor doesn’t have residue from anything you may have spilled on your floor throughout the week.

Clean dishes as you go.

Washing dishes is my least favorite chore. No questions about it. I hate when soggy food touches my hand and when my fingers get all “raisin-like” because of the water. Just, no thanks. Although I dislike it, cleaning dishes is just an unavoidable chore because we cook a lot. I’ve learned that if I wash dishes as I use each dish then it makes the process easier. If you use a knife when you are cooking then as soon as you are done using it just wash it off or place it in your dishwasher to be washed later. This saves you from having a pile of dishes to tackle at one time. It’s the same amount of work, but doing it little by little definitely make the work seem easier.

Everything has a designated place.

If you get in the habit of putting things where they are supposed to go then you will have less of a mess to pick up. Done with that blanket? Fold it up and put it in the closet? Finished reading that book? Put in back on the bookshelf. Stuff piles up quickly. Believe me, I would know. In my head I can hear my mom say, “Aht aht! Put it back!”, when I put something where it doesn’t belong lol. Actively try to make this habit and I promise you will just make cleaning easier for yourself. You can spend forever cleaning if you don’t have a huge mess, right?

Of course no one has a perfectly clean home. I actually need to mop my floor at the moment! A home with a little mess is a house filled with love. I always remind myself that although toys are strolled across my floor from my toddler most of the time, that mess is just another memory being made. So, yes, clean up! But also appreciate the messy moments too.

Thanks for reading! Be sure to like and share! Remember to be a kind human.

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