Natural Hair Products You Have to Try!

Photo by: Snaptyme_Photoz

My hair has gone through many changes over the years. I’ve had blonde hair, red hair, short then long hair— I’ve rocked braids and dreads! I’ve done it all! Over this natural hair journey I have tried many styles but the products that I put in my hair is what keeps is healthy! I thought I’d share my favorite hair products that I consistently use now just in case you were on the hunt for some new products to try out!

Website :

Jus B.E. – Honey Hair Cleanser

I have been using this on my hair for every wash day lately. You know that fresh and cool scalp feeling you get after you wash your hair really good and massage your scalp? You get that each time using this!

Jus B.E. – Honey Hair Conditioner

The conditioner is perfect for me too! I’ve had conditioners that get clumpy in my hair and not moisturize my hair very well. This conditioner glides through my hair and makes detangling a breeze! The conditioner (and shampoo/cleanser) smells amazing too!

Website: Strands of Faith

I call these three “Strands of Faith” products my “A-Team”😂 This Ultimate Moisture Bundle consists of a leave in conditioner, moisturizing cream and a twisting butter. My hair has never been so defined and healthy! These products are good for all styles— wash and go, twist out, bantu knots, etc!

The last product that I put on my hair regularly is Carol’s Daughter Goddess Strength Hair & Scalp Oil.

I have used this product for quite a while and I love it! It’s for damaged hair, but anyone can use it. It has definitely has promoted my hair growth and stopped my scalp from being very itchy and dry.

As you can probably tell, I do truly love all these products! If you’re looking to try something new then go check these out! They are all very reasonably priced! Let me know some of your favorite products!

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