6 Things to Look for When Booking Your Airbnb

Nowadays there are so many options for booking a place to stay when you’re going out of town. My favorite by far is Airbnb! Check out some of my tips for some things you should look for when you’re booking your next Airbnb.

  1. Check Out the Reviews.

I’ve noticed the main thing that people comment on in Airbnb reviews is the cleanliness of a place and and the safeness of the neighborhood. These are very important things! If you’re sleeping in a home that isn’t your, you want to feel safe while you sleep at night. You also want to stay in a clean home where you can feel comfortable.

2. Pay attention to the ammenities listed in the description.

If wifi is necessary for you, then be sure you look for that in the amenity description for the Airbnb. Some amenities might be included even if they aren’t listed but don’t assume that they will be! So if a TV or hot tub is a MUST for you, then make sure it’s listed in the description!

3. What’s nearby?

If you’re like me you may like to go to a cute coffee shop first thing in the morning while on vacation. Or maybe you like going out for late night drinks or snacks. Whatever you prefer, having your Airbnb close to great food spots could be what makes your trip! Grabbing a yummy scone and a latte that’s right by where you stay could be the perfect start to your day!

4. Do you like walking? Because you may have to!

If you are staying in the heart of the city you are visiting, you may want to see if parking is available at attractions you plan to visit and if parking is free. Sometimes it may be worth walking 20 minutes to the museum and your other extravaganzas and observing scenerary along the way instead of paying $30 parking for the day.

5. Check the weather before you travel!

This is definitely one that I have forgotten to do before. Depending on the weather, you may want to reconsider what Airbnb you choose. If the weather is mucky and wet outside then you may want to book a place that’s very close to your activities or at least a quic,k Uber ride away. You may also want to splurge a little more on the price of the Airbnb if the weather is not great. If it’s pouring rain outside it would be nice to get in the hot tub that your Airbnb may have or stare outside at your nice city view while you enjoy a glass of wine.

6. Compare your prices!

Look at hotels and rental homes in that area and make sure you are getting a reasonable price. I’m all for saving a penny so don’t spend more than you need to!

  1. Love your courageous styles and efforts to help the world Maddie Blake.

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